"Grow Yourself Complete"


Is it human to go against what we know is good for us…  ‘Me’ thinks yes, at times, it is exactly this… being human.

How wonderful it would be to know that our stomachs are full and to stop eating.  How wonderful it would be to know that our bodies and minds are tired and sleep.  How wonderful would it be to say yes when we want to and no when it brings us into the healthiest of ourselves…

We are all doing the best that we can.  Where we are right now is, perhaps, exactly where we are supposed to be.  Being challenged with what our challenges are is the exact lesson that arrives in perfect timing; perfect play.

Life is cycles, a circle, a challenge and a chance to create what is inside of us out.  It is the journey of our life that we are here to experience.  Is it best not to judge; only to experience.  Is it in the experience that we create our destination and ‘feel’ our way.

We can start over any moment.  We can do different within every breath.  We can choose awareness.  We can choose not to know or see certain things.  We can choose love and honesty.  We can choose hate and dishonesty.  We can choose any variation of any feeling at any time.  And, we do…

May you choose to be aware and to take your best step forward from exactly where you are.

May you be easy on yourself when you don’t.  May you let love lead and when you don’t, may you know that you can try again; start over.  Sometimes there are no re-do’s and we must still go forward.  Sometimes in the re-do, we do better.

May you meet yourself where your life is at.  May you be open to creating the thinking that will think you right into the life that is your destiny.  May you know this is your destiny because it feels so; you are good at it; it supports our world; and it comes from the depth of your soul–your inner knowing.  Your destiny just feels right; feels true; lets you feel the most like you.

Perhaps, if what you are doing does not ‘float your boat’ – take one step (baby step or not) in the direction of what feels more like you.

Say no to overeating.  Say yes to resting and sleep.  Do you again and again and again no matter how many times it takes to get you to the path that is available to only you.

In our unusualness we find our uniqueness.  In our uniqueness, we find our super power.  In our super power, we find our purpose.  In our purpose, we find our destiny.

And, really when these words are all written and done, what matters most is, perhaps, that we connect to our breath through love, honor, respect, trust and believing that we are right where we are supposed to be and everything is okay.

Being human doesn’t mean that we are happy and content all the time.  Being an ‘enlightened’ human doesn’t mean that everything is easy.

Living the truth of what is and bringing the truth of who we are together is the way, just maybe, of creating the best paths forward for successful and generous experiences.

May you let the version of yourself carry on that connects to what is peace and what is ease.  Loving our own selves is the way.  When we love our own self, perhaps, all we can share is love…