"Grow Yourself Complete"


Walking the unknown can be exciting and it can feel like an adventure.  It can be tiring and frustrating.  It can be scary and uncertain.  It can bring many emotions up for us all.  Not many of us find wholeness and peace in the unknown.

I know loving myself and being kind to myself is a great step in the direction to my own inner peace.  Trusting myself and trusting the process of life is another peaceful step in journeying on.  A lot of the time I can connect to these steps and sit with peace.

Lately, I feel like I am in so much unknown and it hasn’t been easy, for me,  to find and/or walk with peace.

We are all really walking the unknown.  But as we take steps into the unknown and as we easily step with what we do feel and know, we go forward and we live the life that is in front of us.  When we are true to our soul, we live the life we are supposed to live; born to live;  just maybe.

This is what I wish for us all…

Fulfilled hopes, dreams and promises.

May you lovingly be true to your soul.  This is what empowers us all.

May we be quiet and trusting enough to hear and listen to our own soul…

Journey on.  Journey through your life.  Journey through you.

I believe in you.