"Grow Yourself Complete"

Uncharted Territory

I feel as if there is much unknown; a great need for light and inner perspective through love and gentleness.  I feel there are many new paths being opened that most have not walked before.   I believe we are living in uncharted territory.

The truth of ‘what is’ is far more exciting than anything I can make up.

I am seeing all of ‘this’ as an adventure.   This is an adventure of new territory, new paths, new ways, new endings and new beginnings.

This is the adventure.  Today is the day.

I am walking forward through love.  When I walk forward through love, fear dissipates.  When I walk in excitement of a new adventure, I know openness, willingness and curiosity.

I love adventures.

Today is the day to think of everything that is new, questioned, uncertain and scary to be considered an adventure.

May you adventure on any and all territory that is in front of you as new or different; challenging or scary; wonderful and awe-inspiring.

Let yourself be part of this adventure of a lifetime and may you be open to exploring all that is you within every circumstance that arises.