"Grow Yourself Complete"


Perhaps, there is an ‘un-doing’ that is going on within many of us; an un-being.

We are opening up to the truth and depth of ourselves.  We have no where to hide.  We must become, be and share who we are.  It is my hope and intention to support this sharing through love above all else.

Perhaps, we are living (as a whole) more from the heart side of ourselves and not the mind self.  We are feeling things that we haven’t allowed our self or have even known how to feel.  I know I am anyway.

I am not trying to change where I am.  I am not judging [as good or bad] where I’m at.  I am responding to what I feel with love; through love.

I am being.  I am being in this moment, this breath, these challenges and these triumphs that are currently present in my life just now.

It seems my health ‘sits on the fence’ and I am growing into the woman that I want to be for my next chapter/portion of my life.

I am experiencing change with awareness.  I know and feel what I am experiencing.  My heart is open.  My soul vibrates.

If you are feeling challenged just now, may you just feel it, breathe and love through it just now.  Connect to the quiet inside of you.  Connect to the part of you that has always survived and bring all of you into one place – into this place.  Let it grow and expand.  Let it empower you.

If you are living in joy just now, breathe into it, feel grateful and let it light up each cell and send this light out into our world for others to connect to it.

May we all be here for one another by loving ourselves and knowing when to hold on to this love for our own healing and when to let it shine out into the darkness of our world so that, soon, our whole world will be able to carry, hold and shine this light.

It is the dark that allows us to see the light.  It is the light that allows us to see the true nature of our self and each other.

Love in.  Love out.  Shine on.