"Grow Yourself Complete"

Ultimate Goal

From the Facebook page of Joshua Tepania


“I had lost count how many times a day would my heart break.

I had become accustomed to the feeling of heart ache.

I did what I did to survive. I stepped up and took my chances.

My life has been a whirlwind of ever changing circumstances.

The darkness within me arose when strong emotions hit hard.

It was an automatic reaction from a heart that’s been scarred.

My demon was always lingering just beneath the surface.

It’s devastating tendencies no longer have a purpose.

My life could have ended in a multitude of different ways.

I made the choice to live and I even started to pray.

Once I looked within myself, I knew, to others I had to give..

Giving for the sake of giving is the most righteous way to live.

No longer will I hide from myself, no longer will I run.

The mad days of avoiding the Truth of my life are done.

I confronted all of the issues that were consuming my soul.

The complete understanding of myself is the ultimate goal.”

~ Joshua Tepania

I love this.  We all have something that is difficult in our lives.  We all have grown and changed through living and life.  “Giving for the sake of giving is the most righteous way to live.”  Nice!  This ‘giving’ includes to one’s self.  Filling your self up is vital to being and giving all that one can.

My own ultimate goal is to have what is on the inside be the same as what I show and live on the outside of myself.

May you know your ultimate goal and succeed.  May you allow this journey to fulfill you and be open to what it is.  I support you in this.