"Grow Yourself Complete"


Let our truth light up our life.  Let our truth lead us to ourselves and each other.  Let truth of what is be okay as we process through it instead of around it, burying it, ignoring it or numbing from it.

Let our ‘hardest’ truth win out; if only for moments at a time.

Sometimes looking at our own truth with real awareness, different ‘eyes’ and open mind and heart – we find ourselves shocked that our thoughts, actions, words, and just being human may have created much of what we are experiencing.

Breathe into ourselves and as we breathe out, know that with awareness, change is possible.   With love, forgiveness is possible.  With truth and love, our truest of true selves are possible.

May you allow your truest of true self out to play; and free to be, live, share and evolve into everything that is YOU.