"Grow Yourself Complete"

Truth Within

As we live more and more from our truth, our ‘knowing’ place within, out, we live most adventurous, fulfilling, and peaceful lives.

As you live and share the truth of you, you can become more and more fulfilled in just being YOU.

Everything you need to be YOU you already have.  How cool and awesome is this. !

Just be true to you, and others, and you will create your own unison with yourself.

As you are united within, what shows and becomes without is truly who, what and where you are supposed to be.

Breathe.  Be.  Love.

Honor yourself.   Honor others.  Honor the process of life.

Within this honor, lies the awesomeness of YOU.

May you live the life that is inside of you to live.  Live it out loud and free.  Full of love, hope, knowing, adventure, peace, gentle strength and whatever else makes up you – the best of you now.