"Grow Yourself Complete"


How do I transition from a blogger to a professional life coach….  Am I ready…  Am I qualified….  How do I stay true to me and stay true to what I believe is professional.

I am ‘stuck’ in ‘this’ a bit.  I am stuck as to what is the apropos way; the correct way.

I am living the truth of what is.   I have been sharing the truth of what is for me.  I am branching out into a partnership and opening a professional business that will cross (I pray) peoples’ path and provide a relationship with my company that would offer them great personal growth and benefits that will branch out positively to all aspects of their lives.

Yikes.  Times are so very different as to how to do this compared to how it was done 20 years ago.  I know only to do it through who I am, what I know, what I believe, what I have learned and what I have encountered.  I know to do it with an open heart and an open mind.

I have been a professional before.  I have learned much about training, teaching, health, wellness, and well-being.  I have been working with ‘energy’ for about 25 years.  I believe this is my calling for my next chapter of my life.

So, as I hesitate and question which blog, what information, what is the smartest way to share me and still be a professional, I know the only way is to do it and walk, crawl or run through as myself and create what is inside of me to create, to share, to experience and to teach.  I know I will learn, encounter and succeed.  I know I will question, wonder and fail.  And, through it all I will be me wanting the best for you.

May you crawl, walk and/or run through your life as you are; completely, truthfully and open.  You have you.  May you believe you have you.