"Grow Yourself Complete"

To Protect or is it…

I am learning that sometimes (if not most) when I ‘protect’ my loved ones that I am going against the flow of what is.  I am disregarding, hiding, pretending the truth of what is.  I feel I have done this to children more than any one.  I know there is a responsibility to be the adult, to take care of the children and I am learning there are fine lines that work good and ones that don’t work out so well.

Our children can feel tension.  Our children can see discomfort and/or know when we are challenged.  Perhaps, telling them ‘everything is alright’ when it is not, is a disservice more than a protection.

Truth eventually comes out.  It may not be today; it may not be 10 years from now.  However, truth always comes to the forefront eventually and we have to look at it, process it, face it and be with it at some point during our lives.  Living and even dying with untruths, whether they come from love or other reasons, is (perhaps) not allowing our wholeness.

Writing to a beautiful human being this morning about just this, I found myself sharing these words:

“Keep it about you;  Your needs,  What you feel,  What you think,  How you feel,  What you need.

Breathe.  I wish peace in all of our hearts.

I can see what me ‘protecting’ others can do.  Not always good.  I am learning that truth always comes out.  It’s better for it to come out as it comes out.  Otherwise, many get confused and our ‘life’ gets stuck.  Therefore, we are not truly participating in the flow or process of life as it shows itself to us.

Because, ‘life’  is happening.  I didn’t always participate in it.  I ran from it and/or shut it off.  It seems to have hurt my loved ones the most.  With my truth that I share, they all know how and what and who they are.  With my untruth, they can, most likely, find themselves lost.

I’m doing my best to not be afraid of my truth and to be, breathe and speak it.

“Truth shall set you free.” Unknown

It does set us all free of the chains that come about because of our ignorance and non-declaration of true self.

I am learning that life flows better when I participate from deep inside of myself out into our world.

I love you.”

May you participate and live your life as you are today, in this moment, in this situation, with each person and with your ‘wholeness’ intact.

Photo from Sociedad Argentina De Horticultura, FB