"Grow Yourself Complete"

To Own

Owning.   It is a peculiar word to me just now.

I want to ‘talk’ about owning who we are; owning what we are; owning what we do; owning what we say.

Owning what we feel.   Allowing ourselves to feel what comes up for us to feel.

Many of us want to squelch what we feel when we think it is not a good or a fun feeling.  We want to stop any and all pain within ourselves and to our bodies.

Just what if our feelings were ‘just’ feelings and if felt, they would lead us down our best path forward.

Just what if our feelings are here to guide us ‘home’ to our true selves.

For years, (decades even), I wanted to pretend that I was like everyone else.  That pain wouldn’t stop me.  That I can handle pain.  That I can fight pain.  That I can pretend that pain wasn’t a part of me or my life.

I am learning that when I do feel pain to feel it and almost embrace it is the best way through it and to the other side of it.

Fighting it just created more, deeper, and ‘louder’ pain.  Fighting it made me think of it as a bad thing; as something that didn’t belong.

Just what if pain is just a sensation.  Feelings are just sensations.   There is no good or bad.  Just what if.

Perhaps, we, as humans, decided or learned to label our feelings.

Just what if we didn’t label them but felt them, listened to them, processed them and let them go.

I know it isn’t always easy; it doesn’t always work.

Fighting doesn’t always work either.

May you find what works best for you from situation to situation and live just this.

Be true to your feelings.  They are present for a reason.  They do not show up just because.  They show up for real reasons.

They are a part of us; a part of life.

May you embrace all of you; all of your experiences and live.  Live on.  Live through.  Let love lead you.

It just may be worth a try.  Allow the ‘sensations’ that come up for you to be yours – own them.  See where they lead you.  Allow self-love, self-care and self-compassion to be present through it all.

This just may be the most productive and enlightened way to live.   Do what works for you.

Baby steps allowed.  Course changes allowed.  Trials and errors allowed.

Love yourself.  Own yourself.   You are the only person ever that you will spend your entire lifetime with.

May you be your own best friend.  Know serenity.

My wish for you.