"Grow Yourself Complete"

To Mind or Not to Mind

Uh oh…  My mind…

Sometimes it works smoothly and the way I think it ‘should’ and the way that I like it best.  Other times, it doesn’t function quite so capably and harmoniously with what is going on with my life and how I think, see and experience my life.

I’m forgetful.  My memory doesn’t work.  What I want to say and what I say are not always the same thing. It is quite in disarray at times; this mind of mine.

Forget about autopilot.  It is gone.   I was discussing this topic the other day.  I believe that our ‘autopilot’ ability disengages when we choose to become aware and want to learn, change and grow into an evolved version of our true self.

I am hoping that once there – [which is where I think I belong for now; which is where I feel I am now] – perhaps, a new autopilot just may create its way into my subconscious being.  My who, what, where, and  how and to have the ability to live from the me that I am ready to live through now.  I choose this ability, joy level, harmony and homeostasis level of being.  I feel that I have worked very hard to introduce ( to connect) myself to this current me.

This being of who I am now – (bringing my true self of who I am now; how I think now and how my feelings emote now) – and bring all of me with me, easily, and emerging me and/or merging me within and throughout this thing called a human life.

It would be good if I could speak/write better, but, for now, I am going with the flow of my fingers and my thought process as it cannot feel any more real to me than it does in this moment, just now.

So, to mind your mind is a gift; an awareness; a present; and a ‘pilot’ is needed to grow, to evolve, to become something other than what was.

It is exciting and we all have this capability.  As soon as you have the desire to, because your way of life feels more threatening to stay the same than it is to change your way of life; you will be the pilot of your own evolution.

It would be my greatest joy and pleasure to support you and even just here, through this blog, touch on supporting you to be your bestest, greatest and truest of self; from love.

I know it is in you.  You are not broken.  But, if you are unhappy, your unique power of who you are is the greatest thing that you can offer yourself to get your greatest, truest and deepest happy on.

And so it is; so it can be; so it will be…

May you ‘pilot’ yourself into the greatest version of who you are and who you want to be…  The power is yours.  Yay.

Namaste.  Be gentle, loving and true.  Let the door to your heart swing both ways because life works best when we let love, truth, trust and our own self (and everything that we are and know) flow through us towards letting the mind and the heart work in unison in the best possible harmonious way that is You(rs).