"Grow Yourself Complete"

To Grasp or Not To Grasp

I am unwilling to grab onto any feelings just now.  Not mine; not yours; not another’s.  I do not feel the need to be strongly connected to any feelings.  I think it is glorious to feel and share our feelings.  I think there are none that are constant.  Therefore, perhaps, for the first time in my life, I do not have the need to grasp them, explore them, wonder about them, question them.

I only feel the desire to allow them.

May you allow your feelings to come and go as they transpire.  May you allow them to grow through you.  May you allow yourself to experience them.

May you choose not to be them; hold onto them; or to live or hope for certain ones.

May you live for, through and with all of your feelings as they pass through you from one feeling to the next.

Perhaps, this is the flow of the human experience that allows for most peace within and without….

I do not know for sure.   I find myself and my feelings overflowing, overcoming, overpowering.  I find myself just over wanting to be ‘stuck’ in certain ones for any controlled amount of time and over wanting to run from any feeling(s) that I think could possibly hurt me or rock my world.

I allow my feelings authority and to flow throughout my human being-ness.

May you allow your feelings authority.  May you allow your feelings to flow throughout your human being-ness.