"Grow Yourself Complete"

To Experience or Not to Experience

I’m overloaded with much.  A new door, new curtains, new glasses, new energy.  I’m feeling better and stronger.  I can’t grasp more than this.

I see and feel the universe putting many of us on our path(s) and creating situations, movements and unsettling conversations for us to immerse in or run from.

I’m choose to immerse (for the most part).  I find it exciting, exhilarating and enjoyable.  I know peace within more than without.  I trust myself to hear and feel these new paths and situations that are present in my life.  I see same in other’s.  I see most responding favorably.  This excites me greatly.  lol

It amazes me the creation(s) I am seeing in peoples lives to propel them and to alter their life’s focus.  To abide by what they know and to have a chance to be open to what they don’t know.

My wish is that you are listening, seeing, creating and allowing what may not feel right to your brain, but certainly feels right to your being.  Listen from within and walk on knowing the truth that is you and feeling the easiest path to walk.

So much is opening for us to be our ultimate self; to live our ultimate truth.

This isn’t always easy.  It is always the best and most fulfilling outcome.  It is never impossible if it is for us to experience.

May you find yourself fulfilled as you are aware of what is and bring yourself up to meet it with gratitude, clarity, open heart and open mind.  The time is now to live all that you are here to experience.  Feel on.  I believe this for myself in every cell of my person.  May you believe what is for you, with easy clarity, with every cell of your person.