"Grow Yourself Complete"

Tis the Season

It is the Christmas season as the month of December moves onward towards the end of the year.  It is a season of celebrating for many.

Many get caught up in gifts; shopping, wrapping, socializing, festivities and togetherness.

It can feel like a special time of year.  A time of goodwill and cheer; kindness and giving and receiving.  It can feel and be magical and it can fill our souls.

It can also bring up old and dormant issues and the ‘shoulds’ and ‘supposed tos’ with expectations and anticipation.

I’d like to offer for you, if you celebrate, to celebrate from where you are.  Celebrate through who you are and what you are experiencing and let pretense be gone and truth take over.

Give what and if it is in your heart and ability to give.  Give gifts.  Give of yourself.  Give of your service.  Give the loving truth of you.

Be true to where you are and be true to how you feel.  Be true to what you know.  Be true to what is showing up inside of you.

As we celebrate Christmas from the truth of our self, we empower the celebration, the connection, the togetherness and one another.

Speak up with how you’d like to celebrate.   Speak up with calmness and love.   Speak up with the truth of yourself.

Sharing love, self and inner joy is what Christmas spirit is to me.  Each year is different.   If being traditional is what works for you from the truth of yourself, then be traditional.  If creating new paths to celebration because you are in a new space, place and/or truth, then create these new paths.

As you are, so is Christmas.

This is the joy of Christmas to me.  This is the fulfillment of giving to me.  This is the empowering of one another to me.

Do not expect, be open to acceptance.  Accept yourself.  Accept others.

In our ability of honesty, we know calm, peace, joy and ease.

May you know calm, peace, joy and ease.

May you be open to your own kindness, light, ability, inabilities and the truth of self.

Merry Christmas time.  Let it be a time brought forth from where you are today.  Let love lead you.  Let truth carry you.  Let Christmas be Christmas as it fulfills your senses that are open to be fulfilled.  Let where you are not lead you away from yourself but towards yourself.

As you are more home within yourself, the ‘home’ that is you is a most welcoming thing.  Be welcoming… to the best of your ability.  Opening your heart is the best gift you have; just maybe…