"Grow Yourself Complete"


Time is an untouchable thing.  We go by time to make appointments; to determine what time we eat (sometimes); to determine many things throughout our day. Yet, in reality, we can change time by 1 hour every fall and every spring and it does not create the end of the world.

So, go about your day.  Organize your life thru time.  Be who and what you want to be.  Do what you feel like doing – all on the outside of man-made time.

Follow your internal clock as often as possible.

If you are tired, rest.  If you are sleepy, sleep.  If you are hungry, eat.   If you want to call a friend, call a friend.   Put yourself out there away from time and let YOU live through your own time format as often and as much as possible.

Wouldn’t it be cool to just be and gather and complete and be together when it felt best to do so.  Give yourself permission of this freedom from time to time.

Yes, time keeps us on track.  Yes, time keeps us in sync.  Time can help keep us organized.

It is man made; a human thing.   We like it (sometimes).  We like how it helps us.  We also can, perhaps, depend on it too much and allow it to add stress.

Just be aware, please, that you are in charge of your time and how you use it.  If you feel like you don’t have enough time, are you trying to or thinking that you need to do more than you already do.   If you feel like you have too much time, are you doing things that you want to do and filling yourself up with your own breath and creative projects…

Are you putting your importance on time or lack thereof…

Are you allowing ease into your life…

Are you knowing that you are important just because you are… You are alive.

Time is what we make it.

May you fill it with your breath, your truth, your love and follow through from what is inside of you out; through gentleness, ease, productivity, and love.

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do with our time is nothing; is to just be.

May you sometimes be the ‘most productive’ you can be and allow yourself to just be…

Sometimes in silence, we hear the most.

Know thyself.  Love thyself.  Be thyself.  Share thyself.