"Grow Yourself Complete"

Time to Trust

It is time (if you already do not do so) to trust your instinct.  Trust your feelings.  Trust what you believe in. Trust what is true for you.  Trust that what you are doing is the right thing for you in the now.

When we allow love and not worry to lead us, we find ourselves in the flow of life and things fall into place and feel right and align our inner beings with our outer doings.

This is a fun place of be.  This is a fun place to find oneself.  This is a fun and exciting place to move forward from.  This is a great way to be a truest of self in our truest of paths.

May you bring your true self to each situation and be open and allow vulnerability and passion to guide you home to you; to your life; through your life.

Flow.   This is my wish for you.

We were born flowing.  Let’s connect back to this flow as adults and let fun, play, love, vulnerability carry us forward.

In this flow, we are our true selves.  In our true selves, we are in the best place we are meant to be.

Let’s get out of our own way.  Let us not question what we are feeling.  Let us not ask ourselves, again and again, if we are allowed to feel what we are feeling or if we are wrong or crazy for feeling what we are feeling.

May you flow on through your true self.

May you let love, not worry, lead you into your best life possible.

Open your heart and let yourself out.