"Grow Yourself Complete"

Time of Reckoning

Is it a time of ‘reckoning’ or a time of ‘wreckoning’….  Perhaps, it is both.

Many of us feel uprooted.   Many of us are literally moving, changing, altering our lives.  Many of us feel like life has us spent as we grow, together, into this great and improved world..?!?!!!

The world of technology.  It has taken over much of the world of humanity.   We are learning to gather, connect, and be in harmony with both.

There are great things that technology has given us; things I never thought I would experience.

The human connection has and is changing greatly.  The way we connect is way different than it was even 10 years ago.

We are all battling to keep up and loving the able-ness of all that technology provides.

Is there one person completely at peace with it…  I don’t know.  I struggle to be connected to all the social media sites as “Just 9Be U”.  I am learning.  I am better than I was yesterday.  I am not as able as I will be tomorrow.

I think most of us are like this.  Even the technologists, while they have a much better understanding, so many of the professionals are even greatly challenged by it all.   There is no one person that knows it all.

And, isn’t this how it has always been…

No one person ever knows it all.

Individually, we can do great and awesome things.  When we work together, through connection, trust, goal and heart, we can and do out-of-this-world things.

It seems that what I keep going back to is that life works best when we bring our best and truest self ‘to the table’, the wonder of life’s fulfillments are recognized within us.

So, yes, as much that is going on feels like a wreck to me.  There is much going on that is recognized and reckoned with.

We ARE finding our best way.  Most of us are finding it through kindness, care of one another, truth, and sharing of same.  We are realizing that anger is detrimental when not worked out through as much kindness as we can bring to it.  It is okay to be angry.  It is what we do with this anger that either hurts or helps us.

Continue on.  We are right where we are supposed to be.  Drop out and off of this learning adventure any time you feel overwhelmed and need a break.  You may not be able to drop completely out.  And, if you cannot, I have to believe we can drop back at least a little.  Even if it is to sit and look and breathe at the clock for one full minute.  It is something that alters the state of ‘what is’ presently going on.

Relax your shoulders.  Fill your belly up with breath.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Feel the presence of your being and what it is experiencing in the moment.  Feel the chair underneath you support you.  Hear the sound that catches you attention when you let it.  Stretch up to the sky or down to the ground.

Nature.  Get out in nature.  Breath it in.  See it.  Watch it.  Feel it.  Smell it.  Hear it.  Be open to it.

May you allow the natural you to recognize yourself as same.

You are worth it.