"Grow Yourself Complete"

This is It

This is life.  This it living.  This is it.

As you are today; what you are doing today; who you are with today; what you share today; and what you accomplish today… This is it.. This is living.

This moment can be wondrous, wonderful, fulfilling, empty, difficult and/or anything else you could conjure up.  It could be labeled a number of things..  It could also be just what it is.. without a label.

It is totally and completely up to you.

It is not so much this moment that is experienced.  It is how and what we tell ourselves about this moment that effectuates our experience(s).

If I believe it to be wonderful, there is a great chance it will be.  If I tell myself it will be difficult, this too, most likely, will be accurate.

We are the center of our own universe.  We Are this powerful.  Only when I believe what you say about something; about me; about a situation does it affect me as so.  If I believe what I tell myself, this is the experience I will have.

This is amazing power.

We are the only ones that we spend our entire life with.  I may as well love being with myself.  I may as well be kind and generous to myself.  I may as well tell myself nice and helpful things.  I can feel bigger than myself when I act in this way.  I can share the most amount of love possible when I am this way.  I believe, I trust, I walk in my truth when I experience life through my own awesomeness (as I believe it to be so).

May you let yourself be BIG [and fulfilled] as you love yourself through your experience(s) of living.  This is the divine version that is possible for all.  Let us now live this side of ourselves most prominently.  And so it shall be…  if you say so (ha).  Amen