"Grow Yourself Complete"

The Power of “3”

I have been seeing 3:33 on the clock quite often lately.  I have been seeing the number 3.  It seems when I am dreaming and/or thinking about ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ – the threes appear.

I researched what the spiritual meaning of 3 and 333 could be.  This is what I found.

3 has meaning to the body, mind and spirit connection; the ‘trinity’.  It tells us that ‘Ascended Masters’ are with us and divine help is here.  Your life purpose and soul’s outward work are within reach.

Follow your purpose and you cannot go wrong.  Follow your purpose by listening and allowing yourself to be led by what you love; what you are feeling and what you know from deep within.

Being your true self [no masks allowed] is what carries you the furthest and with the most grace.  The universe wants to help you, show you signs, stand by you, push you along and is with you.

No dream is impossible.

May you believe in your dreams, your inspirations; your inner ‘noises’ that guide you to all that you are and can be.

You don’t need the power of “3” to get you there or to make it happen.  You need only to open up enough to allow it.  It (they) can be yours.  Perhaps, they already are.   Just reach.