"Grow Yourself Complete"

The Power is Within

I am learning that the more I meet myself where I’m at and ‘let it be’, the more peace, ease and fulfillment I know.

I am learning that the power/answers/love that I seek is not ‘out there’;  it is within.

I am learning that sometimes my power scares me.  I am learning that fear is a very powerful non-entity.

As I embrace what, how and who I am, I can be way more powerful living in this space of my reality then in a space that isn’t so.  That ‘story’, perhaps, that may be make-believe from my own brain.

As I live the reality of my life, the power shows itself to me.  The power to create, rearrange, become and let go is mine.

May you meet yourself where you are at.  May you accept the who, what, and where of your life and bring your true feelings, thoughts, non-judgment, and love to it.

Perhaps, as we meet ourselves where we are at, peace and fulfillment grows in and around us.

We are worth a try.  You are worth it to try.

Focus of this post…

May you  gently meet yourself where you are at and move forward from here.