"Grow Yourself Complete"

The Colors of Joy

I posted this beautiful picture (unknown source) on Facebook and it just blew up with shares and likes as I have never experienced before. 

So, I come here to you, and happily, joyfully, share it with you.

My hope is that it connects you to your own inner joy.

Which color(s) call(s) to you…

Perhaps, it is a good day to wear or grab something in this/these color(s) and let the color embrace and run through your being.  Let it enter you organs, your cells, your brain.  Let it softly wrap around your whole being and extend far into the unknown and everything that is.

Let it be joyful, soothing, and embracing.

Let it fill you up with light.  Let there be no place for darkness just now.  Feel the divine and love within you.  It is yours.  Only you can feel this; be this and know this.

You are this powerful.

Let your loving mind create a barrier (from anything other than love) that withstands anything and everything that comes your way; if only for today.

May you live in your ‘colorful’ truth and own what is yours to own and let go of what is not.

If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Imagine joy, beauty, love and whatever it is you want/need in this moment.  Imagine it as yours.

Follow this path [that is you] out into your world.

May you color your life and feel the beautiful vibration of you.

  Picture Unknown