"Grow Yourself Complete"


Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it.

It is a day to share thankfulness and appreciation for what one has and feels.  It is a day to get together and spend some quality time with those we love.

May I offer to bring your true self with you wherever you may go.

May you bring love to the ‘table’ as you share a meal.  May you stand in your truth from a place of love, light and wisdom.

May you only share love because this is how you want to spend your Thanksgiving.  May you be open to having one of your best yet.

Wherever you find yourself; in whatever life situation you are experiencing, may you bring the truth of your ‘now’ into it from a most loving place inside of yourself.

You do have this power.  You do have this love.

May you experience some of your best and grateful moments outside of yourself because you choose love and truth.

May you empower your ‘people’ through the loving truth of you.

This is my wish for you.

May you create a bountiful day of loving another; connecting to gratitude for what does fill you up.