"Grow Yourself Complete"

Tense Relaxation

Change is everywhere in everything always.  Some is louder than other muted change.  Some is more often than other that is less frequent.  Change is a BIG part of our everyday life in this year 2015.   It can be both challenging and awesome.

With every step, every breath, every action, every non-action,  we can experience tension.  We can experience peace.

Sometimes we may have to think like we create an I don’t care attitude to handle certain situations.  Perhaps, many of us have no knowledge on how to feel true in an I don’t care attitude.  I, surely, am not comfortable with it at the depth of who I am.  However, I am learning to somewhat be.  Perhaps, the truth of it is that I do care, yet, I am learning how to not allow it to affect my internal mood or interfere with my inner thought process so much.

I hear myself saying let it be.  I see myself letting things to be done lie dormant for a bit.  I feel myself relaxing into what is and not fighting it (too much) and I walk with myself carrying and exuding love.   I say mantras – ‘I may not know about this, but I know that I am love.’  ‘I offer my love.’  ‘If I have nothing else, I have love.’

I am a walking love bomb.   Ha.

Love is powerful.  It is much more fun to focus on love than it is fear, low self image, inabilities or pain in self and/or others.  Love really can be an answer…

May you be a walking love bomb and let love within and without be your answer (to the best of your ability in each present moment).