"Grow Yourself Complete"


I sit at my computer to pass time.  I begin to type not knowing where I am going to go here.  I have no thoughts, words, ideas, concepts or sentences in my mind.

I sit here.  It is dark outside the window.  I see the fountain, highlighted by the spotlight, flowing up happily dancing over the sides of the pebbled fountain.

It is quite cool here in Florida, USA.  It was 59 deg. F high today.  The sun was shining and it was beautiful to breathe in the cool air.  It felt happy and alive.  I chose not to stay in it too long as the longer I stayed, the more it challenged my health.

I am now in the house; with the heat set at 70 deg. F.  It is toasty and comfortable.  The music from the television blares softly with pop and country pop music.  My dogs lay quietly around as they had their walk and were fed.  My cat keeps jumping up on my lap to be petted.  She purrs.

Life is good.  The simple things in life are so satisfying if we let them be.  There is satisfaction to be found everywhere.  Perhaps, all we need to do is be aware and notice.

I notice from time to time when I am cranky and miserable, the world seems cranky and miserable. When I am happy and upbeat, the world seems happy and upbeat.  Not always.  But a lot.

May you notice that what you put out from inside of yourself out into our world matters.  Others feel it.  Others experience it.  ‘It’ and you do matter.  You matter greatly.

May you notice.  May you know.  May you choose the best side of yourself as often as possible.


And this is that.  This is where I ended up.  I’ll go with it.  I like it.  Feels good.  Feels right.  Feels hopeful.

Feel on.

May you let your feelings guide you to your best self by allowing, being aware and deciding what your best answer or feeling is in this moment.  Yes, You are this powerful.

Powerful on!  Hoot.

Cheers to the human part of us ‘waking up’ to its best side.