"Grow Yourself Complete"

Taking a Breather

I breathe in.                 I breathe out.

I follow my breath as my body pulls in the air and fills up my stomach like a balloon.  It fills up my lungs.  I notice it in my back.  I hold it for a second or two.

I let it go.  I feel and watch the air leave my body.  I deflate and hold on to nothing.  I stay here for a second or two.

I breathe in… and… out.  I watch my breath and just let it be…  as life flows in and out of me.

As I breathe in, I notice the air is cool.   As I breathe out, I notice the air is warmer.

I breathe.

I know gratitude for my breath.  I know peace within my breath.

May you be aware of your breath and may you know gratitude and peace in this moment.