"Grow Yourself Complete"

Support, Love and the Desire for Peace

I’d like to think that through the connection of our countries and ourselves; through support, love and the desire for peace, that we are connected and bound by the energy of ‘namaste’.

Namaste, to me, means at the depth of myself, I honor the depth of you.  We are all the same.  We are all one.  We are all connected through the breath that we breathe; the desire to be loved and to love.

I want to thank and send out the power of soothing energies to each and everyone of YOU.  Thank you for meeting me where I am at and, I am hoping, that you, too, meet yourself where you are at.

The countries that have recently been connected to my 9BeU blog are listed below.  I am greatly honored to have the present of your presence here.  Namaste.

United States                   Egypt                                 United Arab Emirates

France                               Croatia                              Venezuela

Russia                               Ukraine                             Bahamas

China                                 Bangladesh                      Philippines

Portugal                             Ireland

India                                   Canada

Brazil                                  Netherlands