"Grow Yourself Complete"

Super Power

I believe within us is everything we need for this lifetime.  Perhaps, our uniqueness (and it is sometimes something about our self that we have been resisting or were/are uncomfortable with) is what we are here to share.

When your uniqueness connects with others, it fulfills something inside of them that they do not have or know.

Just what if each of our most unique trait was like a puzzle piece and when these puzzle pieces interconnect we have a complete puzzle.  The ‘puzzle’ of what life is about; what we are here to do; and what we can bring to the world to know completeness, fulfillment and contentment.

May you reach into your super power and let light, love and truth shine on it and share your super power from love.

You are beautiful.  You are enough.  You matter.  You have a super power that no one else anywhere, ever has held.

I say bring forth your loving super power…    or at least, for now, look at it in different ways to explore and connect to who and what you really are about…   Oh, we are having fun now!