"Grow Yourself Complete"

Sun day

I come to you on a Sunday morning.  I was raised and taught that to go to church and family time is what a Sunday makes.

A quiet, reflective time is what I grew into it to be.

A sunny day a Sunday can bring.

A day of light, reflection, love, calm and openness.  A day to be together with my family and/or friends and a more leisurely day, perhaps, than any other of the days.

‘They’ say it is a day of rest.

What is a Sunday to you…  Is it what you want it to be…

What is a sunny day to you…  Are you experiencing what you want to experience…

May you create your days to be what you want them to be.  Perhaps, start with minutes or even seconds of ‘you time’ and grow into days, months, years and your lifetime.

We win most when we live the life as it is inside of us to live.  The people around us win most when we do this, as well, because this helps us to be happy and ‘sunny’ and share same.

Life cannot always be happy and/or sunny, perhaps.  It can always be fulfilled as you learn to let these seconds, minutes, days, etc. be true from inside of you out.

You were born with everything that you need for this lifetime within you.  The ability to live out your life is inside of you.

May you open up to it; flow with it; allow it; feel it; be it.

I wish you to be fulfilled in the sunny days and the not so sunny days.  They are all a part of life and our own growth.  They all matter.  They all touch us.

May we touch back with our truth; our love and let the reflection of yourself be what you feel best in it being…

I wish you fulfillment in the you that you are.  It is inside of you.  May you tap in.

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