"Grow Yourself Complete"


Struggling is not fun.   I’m sure it is not fun for anyone.  There are some of us that are more used to struggling and almost feel like there is no other way of living through life than with struggle.  And, there are some of us that want to hide, numb, and/or run from struggle.  Some of us whine.  Some of us do it in silence.  Some of us know balance.  Some of us do not.  We all struggle.   It is a part of our human experience.

May I offer to embrace this struggle that beckons you.  Delve into it;  feel it, know it, allow it.  Let this ‘knowing’ of it; this experiencing of it, carry you towards the whole truth of who and what you are about.

I’m starting to believe that ‘struggle’; hardship, loss, pain, misunderstanding and learning through lack of communication are all ways to bring us closer to our truest of self.  Without this human trait, we would not delve deeper into our inner being.  We would not grow, evolve or breathe into all that we are possible of.  Struggle just may be a human gift.   What would life be like if we started to see/feel/know it as such…

May you look at your own struggles in a positive light from time to time and engage into them to evolve into everything that you are.  Perhaps, even try on gratitude for them…  You matter.