"Grow Yourself Complete"

Storm, Calm, Storm, Calm


We experience storms.  We experience calmness.  We survive.  We thrive.

Today as I sit here watching and waiting on word if the biggest hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean will come to land and change lives, I know no worry.

I hear myself telling myself that worry will not change its course.  Worry will not help me out.  Worry will only mess me up bad in this moment and any moment I spend worrying.  So, for now, I know no worry.

I know awareness.  I know preparation.  I know keeping informed.  I know doing what I can.  I know prayer.  I know trust.  I know there is no stopping the power and awe of Mother Nature.

I feel a very distinct energy in the air of challenge, anxiousness, love and calm.  These are all energies.  It is my desire to stay involved and attached to the energies that are most helpful, most productive and that feel best.

When I choose to feel the best available me in each moment (which is always everchanging), I can choose the best version of myself; the best path to walk down and the best place to be to share the energies of love and calm.

I almost always have an underlying feeling of discomfort and unwillingness to own any pain and hurt that my body is experiencing.  I seem to often witness this state of dis-ease.  And, at the same time, I do my best and stay open to experiencing the best of me in it and through it.  The best of me that is love.

I don’t know much else.  I only know the balance and imbalance that comes through me.  The storm, the calm, the storm, the calm.

May you be open to witness what is coming through you.  May you choose the best version of it and you in each moment.  May you be open to all of life and still believe in good; still believe in miracles; still believe in yourself.

You matter.  What energies you put out often come back to build us into what we offer to the universe and one another.

The very best you can do is to do your very best… in each situation that arises and flows through your life.

May we all crave, create and cruise onward and through the best versions of our own self and support the same in each other.

Individually, together we are one.   Who we are and what we do touches…