"Grow Yourself Complete"

Stop the Struggle

As soon as we choose to stop struggling, something happens.  We accept.  We flow.  We transform and evolve.

We know peace.

It is a choice.  Yes, it a choice.  Not always an easy one.  Sometimes, a ‘no-brainer’.

Stop the struggle within.

As I realize that everything matters – from the low lows to the high highs, it is all ‘just life’; ‘just living’.

What you are experiencing now, is your life.  This is it.  There is nothing more in the moment; and, in truth, as you take this breath, you are okay.

You may not like what you are feeling.  You may not want to be experiencing what you are experiencing.  You may love what you are feeling.  You may love what you are experiencing.  You may be in somewhere in between.

As you give yourself permission to accept right where your life is now, you allow peace, love and trust to enter in.

Peace, love and trust are wondrous feelings that many good things/feelings can stem from.

In life, we are, perhaps, supposed to witness, feel, know, be, and walk down and through many emotions, roads, people, experiences and places.

This is what having a human experience is all about.  I say this because each and everyone of us is doing just this.

As we learn to accept more and more; allow ourselves to experience and live as only we can and do; embrace the situation from our most truthful depth; process it; and allow our truthful selves to walk through whatever comes our way — we are living life fully from the place that is unique.  When we carry love with us and look through the eyes of love, as much as possible, we are doing our very best.

This is what our world needs just now, perhaps.  This is what you need just now, perhaps.

Open our hearts, our minds, our truthful selves up.

May we live through love.  May we support each other in and through this.  May we change our world into a place of love.

It does start with you.  You are the center of the world.  Each and every one of us has this much authority in love.  What you do, say, think, feel, are matters.

When you love, the world looks different.

My hope is that, if you want, your world will look different as you choose love each and every time.  You choose this because this is who you are, period.  This is who you want to be.  You want to feel, know, be and walk on with love inside of you.

It is a choice open to you.  I believe.  LOVE.