"Grow Yourself Complete"

Stop, Breathe and Become Aware

STOP…  right now – right here — please STOP…  Take a deep connecting breath in; let it out.

Ask yourself if you are feeling, thinking, acting, and being your best self.  Are you being the person that you know that you can be; that you are…  Are you being the person that feels best on and inside of yourself…

STOP…  Breathe.


Just observe yourself.


If you are being what makes you you and presents you with contentment, then YAY You!

If you are not, what is one thing that you can do, think or feel that will bring you closer to yourself – your true, content and authentic self…  in every cell of your being and what emulates from you…

Feel that.  Think that.   Act this.   Be this.

Every once in a while,

May you just STOP and become aware of the person that you are being and if it aligns with what gets your happy on; what gets the real you present.

Smile…   You may have just ‘meditated’….

I wish you love, peace, light and joy.

I wish you your love, peace, light and joy.