"Grow Yourself Complete"


My stomach is a bit upset and uncomfortable just now.   I’ve had a busy day.   I am wondering what I cannot ‘stomach’  just now.

I went to pilates and loved it.   That I can stomach and my stomach even loves it.   Man, do I love movement and strength training.  It is still stressing my body, however, and I am looking for my healthiest balance of same.

Change is constantly occurring in my life.  With people traveling in and out and with me still working on finding my best daily way, there is an unsettledness in my daily life.

I am open to it all falling easily into place.  I am open to my ability to stomach it all easily and greatly.

May you be open to finding your best balance doing what you love best and being your best self.  It is so possible.  Most of us have all been there at one time or another.  I certainly have.   I am ready to get back into this fun and special place as soon as possible and stay there more often than not.

May you stay in your best and balanced life as much as possible and with the greatest of ease.

May you be open to your best self and your best life.  As you open to it, believe it will happen.   I do.

Thank you.