"Grow Yourself Complete"

Stepping Forward

I AM open to walking the path that is in front of me with a goal in mind and seeing where it takes me…

I ask the Universe to show me my best way.  Show me my greatest good while here on this Earth and to please let me have a whole lot of fun doing it!  Hoot.  Amen.

May you be shown and/or ask to be shown your greatest path and as you give, may you get out of it everything that is inside of you to live.

Live You well.  You are the only one that can make you You.  Dream You well and create this into your reality from the depth of who, what, where, how you ‘feel’ and know you can be.  My wish.

May you allow it to come in the time that it does; on it’s own. Do not allow unwanted pressure.  Live all that you are today as it creates what you will be tomorrow.  We only have this moment, now, to truly live.  Please don’t miss it – as best you can.