"Grow Yourself Complete"


“If your voice is not being heard, you are silent.”  From the show ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ by Tyler Perry on OWN

I love this.

I’ve been working consciously on being heard; wanting to be heard; not fearful of being heard; and how best to be heard.  I find with the intent to be heard (or not to be heard) – the intent is, perhaps, what makes it so more than anything else.

What has been coming up for me is that as a child, I made a pact with myself not to be heard because what I took on as truth was an untruth that to be heard would always upset people I love and create pain and chaos.  I remember making this pact with myself to rather not feel than to feel and know pain.  I decided then to shut down who I was and just go with what presented itself to me.  This seemed to make my life simpler and less chaotic at the time.  An act of survival, if you will.

As a child, I did not know that by doing this, I was being more unfair and hurtful to myself and to others.  To not speak our truth and say what we know and feel is to be complacent and dishonorable.

Especially as an adult, it is our responsibility to share our truth because in not doing so, this is what creates chaos, lies, untruths and festering of what is as our feelings do not get lived out and played through.  And, then, when I wonder why I’m not getting what I want and why people are not understanding me and/or knowing the real me, I blame it on others.  When, if I do not share the real me, they have no way of knowing the real me.


“IF YOUR VOICE IS NOT BEING HEARD, YOU ARE SILENT.”   So, even if I am talking and I’m not being heard, the silence of same overrides my voice.

I want to be heard in everything, everywhere, in anything and whatever I do and feel.  I’m open to owning who and what I am and walking in my truth and walking the talk and let go of the battle within me.  The battle that I can easily see two sides of the same situation.  However, in these two sides, which one feels most true to me.  This is what I want to know.  This is what I want to share.  This is what I will own.  I am more ready than I ever have been.

Yes, I’m scared.  Yes, this is somewhat new to me.  Yes, I’m not sure how it is going to go.  Yet, I didn’t do all this work, learn all these lessons, gather all this wisdom, take all these classes, write all these posts, feel all these things to not be completely me.

There is no one but you that can be completely you.

May you buy it, own it, live it, share it, speak it and instead of silence (even when you are talking), let YOU be heard.  Let what leads you and what feels most real and best for you be known.

It is time.  What you feel and know; think and want matters.  It propels our whole world forward as you walk forward in all of the glory that is you.

May the truth of you be heard.  What matters most is your own acceptance, comprehension and ownership of your truth.  What matters most is you hearing your truth and living from it. 

May you ‘hear’ who you are so you can be who you are.