"Grow Yourself Complete"

So this is Christmas

Tis the season…  Ho Ho Ho…  Deck the Halls…  O Holy Night…  Away in the Manger…

This is the season that I enjoy greatly.  I love the lights, the decorations, the loving hustle bustle of people sharing cheer.

I also know that there are people alone, suffering, lost, and lonely.  I know there are people dreading doing certain things; keeping up with traditions and/or ‘rules’ that they have known ‘forever’.

May I offer to bring YOUr true self with you into this Christmas Season.  What does it mean to you…  What feels happy to you…   What feels celebratory to you…  What creates joy in your heart…  What makes your ‘being’ light up and sing…

Perhaps, this is the way Christmas is meant to be spent.

Just what if you did it your way from a place of deep love…  What if you didn’t expect or hope that someone else would do it differently, better, easier, more kind…  What if all that mattered is that you share love the way that you know how… And, perhaps, tell the people that think you are ‘off’ – that this is what you are choosing to do.  Loving your way through Christmas to the best of your current ability…

We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  And, we sometimes get lost or hurt by doing it in a way that doesn’t resonate with who we are…

Is this being loving…    Only you know your answer.

May I offer that you love on, into and through the Christmas season as only you can.  Get your joy on and share same.

Perhaps, the best we can do is be open to this and share our truth in the most loving way that we know how.

This is what Jesus is about.  This is what Christmas may just be about before anything else.

May you celebrate Christmas as you are today; from where you are today; bringing your loving open heart and truth with you wherever you are.

May you be open to your Christmas season being merry; whatever that means to you.