"Grow Yourself Complete"

So this is Christmas

The season for Christmas seems to expand further out each year.   The ads, the decorations, the music are seen and heard before Thanksgiving often.

The gift giving for me has changed.  I give less out of obligation.  I have, for the first time, a less excited feeling about the whole social idea of Christmas.

The haves, have tos, shoulds, don’ts and dos…

They are not in me.   The ‘do what feels right and best for the family’ is what is in me.  Love through.  Share love.  Be open to allowing each and every one to do Christmas the way that they currently know how and (think) the way that they want to.

Cheers for those that are happy, merry and bright.  May you shine that beautiful light from a place of openness and love.

It’s okay if you are in the middle and know Christmas cheer and am open to meeting Christmas where you are at.

It’s honorable if you do Christmas from the truth that is inside of you and from the feels that you are feeling.   May you feel it all through love; openly and honestly; as best as possible.

Christmas is love.  May you love from your own heart into your own heart and love out from the truth of where you find yourself into the truth of one another.

Christmas is what I make it.   Christmas is what you make it.  Christmas is what we make it.

May you make it a perfect Christmas from where you are; what you feel; what you know; what you are experiencing and the grandest thing of all – your own love.

My current bah humbug comes from a lot of struggles over these past two or three years.  The changing of homes, doctors, people I love’s health and just not sitting pretty (thriving) in my own being.  I know there is more inside of me that is ready to be lived and shared. I find myself growing restless.

My being is present and full.  My being wants to feel laughter and to thrive.

May you know your being.  May you give your being what it wants and needs the most.

Be in the silence of the night and hear your soul talk to you.  Listen.  Respond favorably and cheer your own self on.  This, perhaps, is fulfillment.

Cheer another on who needs it and/or who is asking for help.

Let the Christmas spirit in; whatever that looks and feels like to you this year.

I love my loved ones.  I am grateful for all I have; for all I experience.  I’m grateful to be settling in to a new way of life and living.  I am grateful for the need to be true and stand in this truth.

I am grateful for all those I have touched and for all those who have touched me.

I may be in humbugville where parties and presents and decorations are concerned.   I am in awesomeville where love and sharing and being and living from the truth; my truth, as I know it.

This is the greatest gift, perhaps, that we can give our self and our loved ones.  Present your truth as you know it; through love.

Celebrate from the truth, the ability and the passion of the loving spirit that is you.

May you know what you are feeling and honor it.   May you allow, accept, acknowledge and embrace everything that is you.  May you let it carry you forward into all that you are and all that you want to be.

Wherever you are – as long as you are in your heart and soul, along with your mind – let all this carry you home into yourself for Christmas.  May this create your best and most fulfilling Christmas for you.  Celebrate all you’ve been through, all you’ve known, all you’ve had in the presence of your loving truth with an open heart and mind…

If you are celebrating through a loss, it is okay to feel exactly how you are feeling.  May you also acknowledge the bond to this loss that has you feeling so sad.  The sadness is from the greatness that you were blessed with at one time.  Perhaps, there is gratitude for same that you can choose to connect to as well.   Feel it all.  Take the time.  Take your time.

You are honor(ed).  You are love(d).  You matter.

This is all we may need do.

Honor thyself in all its humanness.  Honor others in all their own humanness.  Honor the path – past, present and forward.

There is good and not so good in everyone of our paths [of living; of life].