"Grow Yourself Complete"

Simplest, Greatest You

From the depth of darkness, I learn about light.  From the depth of sadness, I open to love.

From the depth of silence, I experience my breath.  Within my breath I know life.

From the depth of fear, I know what it is like to feel temporarily paralyzed.

From deep within pain, I learn anew.

To run from pain, I let in fear.  To sit with pain, I connect to new possibilities.

Allowing my feelings is to allow my beingness.  In accepting my beingness, I gain freedom to move and empower myself to live the life that I was born to have and to live.

May you embrace all that you are and connect to your highest blessing – the blessed gift of being you.

May you live on.

May you live the life you were born to live.  

May you let yourself rise up to all the glorious wonder and strenuous challenges that comprise your life.

May you give yourself freedom and trust in the process of your own humanness.

Perhaps, in this, you open to your innate knowing.  Perhaps, everything you need for this lifetime of yours, you already have within you.

Simply living and mirroring (from a gentle and loving place) what is inside of you out is the greatest fulfillment you can discover, live and share.

May you live fulfilled.