"Grow Yourself Complete"


I have been experiencing silence within these past several days.  No words show up for me.  No words flow through me.  I am experiencing ‘just being’ with what is.  Not labeling or judging (as much as possible), just being with and feeling what is. 

While I can easily bemoan myself and challenge myself to find words, I am doing my best to not go there.  “There” is where silence is overpowered and suffocated.  What feels best is to honor my ‘no word predicament’ and believe that it is present for a reason.  My silence that comes from deep within is something that I need and/or my body and mind wants.  So I honor this as best I can.

Sometimes, we can hear the most in the silence.  Sometimes, it is just silent.  Sometimes, it is uncomfortable.  Sometimes, it is best.  Sometimes, there is life transition going on within and, perhaps, even without and silent is all we can be to allow and process through.

When there are no answers easily present, silence may be an answer.  When we are overwhelmed or uncertain, silence can bring peace.

May you hear the sound of silence within you.

May you allow and feel the silence of you.