"Grow Yourself Complete"

Set Free

…”‘I need to be listened to…and heard’……. Again, the waiting, and the encouraging smile.  Suddenly, she knew she could say it all.  All of it.  All the needing and the wanting, the longings she had kept in for so long:  ‘I need to say what I’m feeling ….I need to be allowed to feel what I feel ….I need to not feel guilty…..or ashamed……or bad.  I need to know I’m okay .  Just as I am . To love me !’  The words starting to tumble out now.  ‘I need to laugh out loud…to be noisy…to enjoy myself…to say yes…to say no…To choose.'”

…”‘My child, you have always needed to do those things.  They were always yours.  To experience them was the reason you came.  But you had forgotten, and now you have remembered.  When we fall into a place of forgetting, we forget our joy, our power, our magnificence, our freedom.  And in its place, we learn shame.  You have learned to feel ashamed for being you, my child.  You must forgive yourself.'”

From the book “Dancers Amongst The Stars:  The wonder, the beauty and the magic of who we really are, seen through the eyes of an awakening woman, who happens to have a therapist in her pocket” by Janny Juddly The Therapist in my Pocket

May you give yourself permission to feel what you feel and follow through…  May you set yourself free!