"Grow Yourself Complete"


Self-love is trusting yourself to give all that you are.

Be your truth.  Speak your truth.  Share your truth.

If you feel one way, share it.  It you think one way, speak it.  If you stand strong in something, be it.

If you are misunderstood, explain it.   It you are not being heard, say it.  If you want to share your love, do it.   If you feel hurt, reach out.  If you are afraid, look for guidance and/or comfort.

It may not always work out the way you want it to.  It may take a different route.  You may get uncomfortable feedback.

However, stand strong in who you are.  Love yourself through and whatever road that shows itself to you is the best road for you.  How awesome is this!

And, in my experience, it has turned out way more positive than not; in the big picture of my life.

It is my experience that even when life takes an unexpected turn or detour, I still end up okay.  As I love myself and trust myself to be ok no matter what, I can know inner peace and I can be at peace.

When I know peace, I have more love and ease to share.  Wonderful, amazing things show up.  Connections and confirmation happen.

When we self-love, we love; period.

May you love yourself as much as you can in this moment and work towards loving all of you with every breath you take.  Be love.

May you look at the person in the mirror and tell her/him how awesome, wonderful, rockin’ they are! 

May you tell your self…  “I love you with everything that I am”  … or whatever loving statement(s) is(are) apparent in that beautiful mind of yours. 

May you know self-love.  Be U.  Breathe U.  Allow U.