"Grow Yourself Complete"

Run Run Run Run Away

Sometimes we feel like we want to run away.  We want to be alone.  We want to be left alone.  We feel ‘yucky’ (clinical term) and we just don’t want to share it with anyone.  We don’t want to feel this way.

Even though we feel like it is a yucky day, just maybe, it is a good day for us.

I do not know.  We can feel achy, frustrated, and/or bored.  We can feel agitated and restless; cranky and/or miserable.  We may just want to run away.

Perhaps, feeling these things when they come up is good.  Perhaps, it will help drive us to create a difference in our lives that will enable us to betterment.

So, as you embrace these feelings as best you can, may I offer for you to believe that these feelings will pass through easiest if you allow them to occur.  I know if I saw a line-up of feelings, these would not be the ones I would pick.!

And, yet, we all experience uncomfortable feelings from time to time.

All we can do, perhaps, is be open to where we go from here and honor ourselves; love ourselves through.

You can ‘run’ when you give yourself the opportunity.  Go for a drive, go for a walk, find yourself at one of your favorite places, take a really fun, off the wall class.  Until then, however, we can feel what we can and do our best.  We can feel these yucky feelings from a place of love.  We can watch them, recognize, acknowledge and feel them.  Maybe, we can know that it just may be the best thing to do for ourselves.  If they come up, there is a reason.  Be true to and about what you feel.

May you do what feels is the best thing to do for yourself; from a place of love…  as best you can.  You are worth it.