"Grow Yourself Complete"

Rise Above.. (or is it below)…

Living life above it all; above the drama, above the doubt, above any harshness, and above any worry is where we present ourself with our best of self.  We don’t always know how to create our best connection to the loving reality of all that is in life. However, above it all, and living through the highest highs of our own passion(s) is(are) where most of the magic and the truth of our best self reigns.

We are connected to the most minute pieces of what we sometimes label as ‘big’. We register, in our beings, the easiest, grandest parts of living when we realize our smallness in the universe; in the big picture of life; and in the deepest understanding and acceptance of love, truth and trust. We truly are such minute parts of our universe but good things have been known to come in small packages.   May you let the small package that is you be the grand ripple that, when confronted, affects and imbibes our good world above all the ugly.

Let the ripples that you send out heal; just by owning your small part [that Can be so big] because you live above any ‘ugly’ ripples that are conceived as drama, doubt, harshness and worry.

Be the shades of you that shine the brightest and the best.  I know beauty and ability is in each one of us. I know that individually, together; all our small and grand selves can affect life as we know it.

Go above your pain and live from your heart’s beauty.  Above it all into the light of the universe; into the light of ‘happier’, is a most fulfilling life.  As we take each other’s hands and be open and learn to live above it all, heaven on earth is not only a statement, but created and lived.

This is what I want for all our children, for you and for me.  It really is in each of us, no matter how small, to create the grandness together through the one thing; the one super power that shines up above the chaos and into peace within and peace on earth.   May now be the time for each one of us to want this, believe in this, know it and build it.

The beauty is so here.  May you tap into, create, allow and be it.  You matter.   What you do, say, think, and feel matters.    A lot.   Just watch and feel the ripples.

Thank you.