"Grow Yourself Complete"


There is a resistance inside of us; at times.  Resistance to accept what is…  All that is.

There is a tension [at times] inside of us that is uncomfortable and maybe even awkward.

It feels like it is time to be with it, feel it, allow it, and even while not understanding it – open to it.

Much is being shown to us that doesn’t work the way it used to. There are multiple options to most things these days.  All the answers, right and wrong, are at our fingertips through Google and the web.

We are being open to the awareness of what we are actually creating, involved in, sworn to,  and challenged by.

It is a new way of life.   Things cannot be swept under the rug.  The elephant in the room is more noisy than ever.  The ‘that only happens there’ is affecting us here.

We possibly live outside of our comfort zones more than we ever used to merely by breathing in this day and age of what is.

So, as we do our best to stay open to what is, we can find ourselves irritable and cranky at times.

All we can do is walk through; speak and live our truth and be as open minded and open hearted as possible.

May you walk through life speaking and living your truth and being as open minded and open hearted as possible.

Perhaps, the best way to where we are going is through where we are now.

May you honor where you are now.