"Grow Yourself Complete"

Resistance Within

I am pushing forward into and onto my ‘happy’.  I am having resistance from the part of me that isn’t sure how deserving I am; what makes me happy; and I hear this voice that is questioning who am I to be happy.

As I pursue my happy, the resistance steps up as dizziness, confusion and even dis-ease.  I will acknowledge whatever comes up and step back and watch it and know that it is not me.  It is either old habits, some kind of protection from danger (perceived or real) and just stepping out of where I’ve been to where I’m creating I am going. My new mentor; the intuitive healer has helped me to put words to this resistance within.

Parts of my body and mind are content where we are.  We know that where we are we can do and be okay; survive.  When stepping into the new or unknown, there is a uncertainty of safety and success is inevitable.  Resistance steps in to question same, perhaps.

The discomfort is or can be a gift.  It can be a sign that change is coming and/or inevitable.  It can be a question as to step in and acknowledge and feel/see/create the next step with awareness and self empowerment.

This being human is not easy for me.  And, yet, I know this being human is why I am… human that is.  This is the reason we are all here – to experience this life and all it’s ups/downs, highs/lows, ins/outs, etc.

To experience and allow the experience with trust of self is to win at being human.

May you experience.  May you win at being human.  Stay present.  Stay in your truth.  Trust the process that shows itself to you.  It is there for you and present for real reasons.  In this trust and presence, life unfolds into the most magical experience of YOU.

May you experience the magic of you; again and again and again.  The process is what living is all about.  Walk through.  ‘Through’ is the moment of living.  It is the living.