"Grow Yourself Complete"


It is the quality of life that we allow or disallow that affects us, our beliefs and our way of life.

What has great quality to one does not always have great quality for another.  What is important to you is not always important to another.  What is important to another is not always what is important to you.  Don’t give up your positive (high quality) thinking because you hear another challenge or not understand same.  Keep what is right for you.

What you think matters.  What you think creates.  What you think affects your whole being.

You are always listening to your thoughts even when you don’t know you are doing so.

May you be aware of your thoughts.  The more aware of them that we become, the more we can choose to allow or disallow each thought to stay or dissipate within us.

When you think a quality thought of positivity, your life feels more positive.  When you think of hurtful things, we feel hurt.  When one focuses on one’s breath, we just are.

We are in control if we choose to be.  We can choose our thoughts.  We can choose how we feel.

Some times are much easier to do so than other times.  Sometimes it feels impossible to think outside of a thought that so deeply hurts us.  It may feel impossible but it is not.  By just doing so, we are enabled to do so.  May you just ‘go there’ even if you may not fully feel it.  Try it out.  Love yourself through.

What are your recent thoughts and do they benefit you or do they weigh you down…

May you take a deep breath and allow the thoughts that are beneficial and disengage and/or change the thoughts that are not in your best self’s dynamic.

You have the power to choose.   May you choose well.  May you choose you.