"Grow Yourself Complete"


There are many times when things just pop up in our minds, our heads, our hearts, our ‘being’.

Most often many of us ignore or only pay a slight attention to these things.  We hear them but we don’t listen to them.  Some of these pop up thoughts happen rarely; like if something happens and we are reminded of something.

Many of these pop up thoughts are common and they pop up many times a day on continuous days.

I’m thinking it is a good idea to start listening to them for me.  Really hearing them…  Give them my full attention.

A song, a rhyme, a happening pops up and I’m open to paying attention to it.  To,  maybe, get the song and play it in full.  To know the rhyme and say it out…  To relive the happening(s) or the feelings the happening brings up and feel them through.

Just what if these pop up thoughts are here to lead us either into something or away from something.  Just what if they pop up to tell us/teach us something that really matters.

Perhaps, it’s just to process through it and let it go for good.  Perhaps, it is to lead us in a better direction from where we are.  Just what if…

May you hear what your thoughts are telling you and give yourself the freedom to let your thoughts support you, love you and, maybe, even guide you.

Let your thoughts connect to your instinct to know the power of you. 

You are the only one that thinks completely like you.  No one, anywhere, thinks like you.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.  May we be our own best friend.

Think ever-evolving you.  Since we humans think, may we think well…  Ha!