"Grow Yourself Complete"


I feel like I am here on two planes struggling between negative and positive.

I feel both are prevalent and strong.

I feel flustered knowing them all at once.   I feel scattered knowing and feeling so much.

I am uncertain of what it could mean or why this is present.

I believe that I am experiencing vastness.  Vastness of all that is.  I am open to receiving this information.  And, just perhaps, it is happening.

What I will do with it is unknown.

How to feel it all at once cannot come from my mind.   All I can do is to feel and walk on.

I feel like I have been out of my comfort levels for most of my life.  I feel I am ready to create the most comfortable I have ever been.

Comfort is where I allow myself to go.  It is what I am ready to experience.  Total physical, mental and spiritual comfort.

May you get tastes of it.

May you decide you are ready.

May you achieve what you decide you want.


May you give yourself everything inside of you the attention and process it is begging for…

May you no longer make yourself beg.   May you just allow yourself to be.

to Just Be U….