"Grow Yourself Complete"


As I sit here listening to the fountain trickling, I am reminded of peace.  Peace within my body.  Peace from my soul.  Peace in my thoughts.

I come thinking about how I just don’t feel in the mood to do too much.  Perhaps, it is the lazy days of summer.  Perhaps, it is just within myself.  Perhaps, there doesn’t have to be a reason and I can just accept that I don’t feel like doing any one thing.

I’ve been here before.  I’ve lived through it. What has to be done gets done.  What is not imperative, sits.  I know if I wait me out – allow my process and truth, that eventually I do want to do it and it gets done.

Perhaps, if you, too, wait you out, you will want to do ‘it’ and ‘it’ will get done.

Go easy.  Tread gently.  Allow tenderness.

When being empowered is just not happening, let it be so.  Believe it will happen.

You get things done.  You reach your goals.  You achieve dreams.

What is meant for you – no matter what – will be yours.  This is how life works.

Perhaps, sometimes, it is meant for you to just be.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.   May you be your own best friend.

Tread gently.  Breathe.  Know and believe that you are okay and will be okay.

May you connect to peace.  Know peace.  Allow peace.

May you love yourself through.