"Grow Yourself Complete"


There is a peace within me.  There is peace in the air.  I wake up to a quiet morning with the sun out, a breeze, the fountain ‘singing’ and my dogs happy.

A Sunday morning peace…

I am learning more and more and living more and more that we decide how we feel.  We choose how we love.   We choose how open our heart is and we choose how we want to react.

In the beginning, reactions would just come.  Feelings would just show up.  Emotions would emote and whatever touched me would be judged and/or determined good or bad.

Just what if there is no good or bad.  Is it possible that what is good for one is bad for another… that what is bad for one is good for another…

We get to choose.  We cannot feel a certain way without our own permission and allowance.

If someone tells me something that I don’t buy into – it will not affect me.  (i.e.  If I am told that my arms are too long – I don’t believe this – so it will easily not bother me.)

If someone tells me something that I do buy into – it can very easily affect me.  (i.e.  If someone tells me that my fingers are ugly – I do also believe this (often enough) so I can allow this to easily bother me.)

If we choose to not react or to not react negatively (in a way that we feel less), then it doesn’t matter whatever the external sources are showing up as.  If we choose to react with love and peace, nothing but love and/or peace can touch us more.

Internally we can choose peace.

We are works-in-progress.  Wherever you are in your journey is okay.  Be with it.  Embrace it as much as you can.  Embrace all of it not just the easy parts.

As we embrace our journey from where we are and where we find ourselves; as we meet ourselves where we are at – we can experience our life from our own truth within and choose peaceful outcomes within our self.

May you choose peace as often and as much as you can.

Peace in the exciting times.   Peace in the hurtful times.   I wish for you to choose peace if and when you are ready.

May you open up to each situation and see for yourself what you are choosing and how it feels within you.

May you choose your own peace.

                                                                           (picture unknown)